Apple Announces iOS 6, New MacBook Pro

Apple is cramming loads of new features into the iPhone and iPad with iOS 6.

The new mobile operating system promises to deliver 200 new features, including a more intelligent version of the humble personal assistant, Siri. She’s even coming to the new iPad, and if that wasn’t enough, Apple is working with car manufacturers to include a Siri button on steering wheels, giving you a safer way to talk to her while driving.

Speaking of driving, Apple has created a completely new 3D map program, offering real-time traffic reports, turn-by-turn navigation, and better integration with other apps like Yelp.

The video chat app FaceTime will now work over cellular networks, allowing you to make video calls, even if you’re outside a Wi-fi hotspot, and Passbook is a new app that allows you to store all your cards and tickets digitally in one place, freeing up some extra space in your wallet.

iOS 6 will launch this fall.

Over on the desktop front, Apple announced more features for the next Mac operating system Mountain Lion. It’ll include Game Center support, and allow you to set up multiplayer matches between desktop machines and iOS devices. That means someone on a computer can play against someone on an iPhone or iPad.

Mountain Lion will also feature built-in iCloud support, automatically updating all your files across multiple devices. Voice dictation has been added, and another new feature known as Power Nap will allow your computer to stay up to date with emails and tweets while in sleep mode. Mountain Lion will be available next month.

Apple also unveiled an updated MacBook Air, and a super-thin MacBook Pro with a high resolution retina display. Diablo III will take advantage of the better resolution, along with other apps like Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. Apple promises that the machines will get 7 hours of battery life. They’ve already begun shipping, so click here if you’re interested. All buyers will be able to update to Mountain Lion for free when it arrives.