James Cameron Is Cooler than Planet Earth

Speaking with The New York Times, filmmaker James Cameron revealed that from now on, all the fictional movies he makes will be Avatar sequels. That means no True Lies 2 or Terminator 5; any movie that isn’t set on Pandora will not be made by James Cameron. He says that any story he might want to tell can be told within the confines of the Avatar universe.

Cameron has even disbanded the development arm of his production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, and is no longer taking scripts or planning to produce movies for other directors. He adds that he’ll still be involved with documentaries, like one about his recent voyage to the bottom of the sea, and upcoming robotic mission to mine near-Earth asteroids for minerals.

As for the two planned sequels to Avatar, the King of the World says that he’s still in the early stages of development, and wants to perfect all the behind the scenes technology before moving forward. The first sequel is expected to arrive in 2014 or 2015. Cameron says he’s open to the possibility of making a fourth Avatar movie sometime in the future.

Source: The New York Times

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