June 8 – Rundown – E3 2012 Recap & Star Wars 1313 – VIDEO

Victor delivers a recap of all the E3 2012 announcements from the Los Angeles Convention Centre and Briana has the details on Star Wars 1313 and more in the Rundown.


– The recently announced Star Wars 1313 will be the first ever game in the Star Wars universe rated M for mature. The game is grounded more so in reality than previous games, placing you as a human bounty hunter in the seedy subterranean level 1313 of Coruscant. Star Wars 1313 has been making waves at E3 this year for its notable graphics. Take a look below, they are amazing! No release date has been set.

– Cloud gaming service Gaikai is set to expand next month, giving you access to more AAA games like Mass Effect 3 and The Witcher 2. No console is required, just a broadband connection and a Samsung Smart TV. The service will let you play these games at their highest possible settings, and will make use of any USB controller you have on hand, including ones for existing consoles.

– Splinter Cell: Blacklist was revealed at E3, and we have a few details. Turns out you won’t be completely alone in this adventure, with a backup team coming to help at key moments. Blacklist is the first major title developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and will release on PS3, 360 and PC next year.

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