May 18 – Rundown – Whedon on The Avengers 2, Dragon Age III – VIDEO

Briana has Joss Whedon’s thoughts on The Avengers sequel, info on how you can help shape Dragon Age III, and more in the Rundown.


– Joss Whedon may not be back in the director’s chair for The Avengers sequel. He is currently torn, saying that it’s a lot of work to tell telling Marvel’s story, although he has some cool ideas if he does end up making it. No news yet as to the expected release date for the sequel, but considering the first is still breaking every box office record it can get its hands on, it may not be for a while.

– The first trailer for Sam Raimi’s possession-themed film The Possession has possessed the internet. It focuses on a young girl who is possessed by a dybbuk, an ancient Hebrew demon. The Possession will possess theaters August 31, but you can possess the trailer below.

– Alex Russell, one of the telepathic stars of Chronicle will star in another movie about a “gifted” high school student. Russell will play one of the bullies that pushes Carrie over the edge in the upcoming remake for Carrie. The titular character will be played by Chloe Mortez, and Julianne Moore will be her insane mother. The cast for this is shaping up quite nicely, we can’t wait to see her wreak some havoc in 2013.


– BioWare is currently at work on Dragon Age 3, and is looking towards fans to find out what is wanted in the sequel. After the very mixed reactions to Dragon Age 2, BioWare is looking to make the style of game that fans want to see. Click here to help with your input!

– A Lost Planet spinoff game is in the works. Lost Planet: EX Troopers is in the works for 3DS, and eventually PS3. It will feature an anime art style, and is being handled by the makers of Monster Hunter. No word yet on a release date, but you can check out the debut trailer here.

– The next game from Tomonobu Itagaki (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive) needs a new publisher. THQ was forced to ditch plans to release the game in light of their recent financial troubles, and some other publisher will have to pick it up if it is to ever see release. We will keep you posted on the game’s status as we hear more.

– A new DLC pack has hit downloadable title Gotham City Impostors. Titled The Steamy Punk Pack, this gives players access to a new weapon, a jetpack, as well as some character costumes and upgrades. It’s out now on Xbox 360, and will hit PC and PS3 soon.