YouTube’s Most Watched Videos of 2011 – NEWS

Talking babies, flying cats and auto-tuned teenagers appeared in the biggest YouTube videos of last year.

01. The most watched of 2011 is the hilariously-disliked music video Friday by Rebecca Black.

02. In second place, The Ultimate Dog Tease for all you people who love talking animals.

03. The Lonely Island’s Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired hit Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton) sailed to the third spot.

04. In fourth place, the Talking Twin Babies – Part 2. It’s unclear why Part 1 wasn’t as big.

05. Just when you thought you got the Nyan Cat song out of your head, it flies into fifth place.

06. The @KarminMusioc cover of the rap song Look At Me Now rhymed its way to number six.

07. The Creep, another Lonely Island music video, came in at number seven. Embedding is disabled by request, because they’re creeps, so here’s a link.

08. A young girl made an adorable cover of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and took the eighth spot.

09. Another adorable youngster, this one dressed as Darth Vader in a Volkswagen commercial, forced his way to number nine.

10. And finally, Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten came in at number ten. As the title suggests, it shows a cat mom hugging a baby kitten.