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EP @ E3

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Once again E3 is almost upon us! Running from June 5-7, there will be new game demos, hardware reveals, and surprise announcements coming at us all next week. As usual, we at ElecPlay are doubling our efforts to give you the most important and up to date information as it happens on the show-floor. We have a lot of fun features planned for the time leading up to and during the show, so keep your homepage set to EP, and specifically this page as this is where you will find allof our E3-related content!

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Here is the E3 conference schedule, where the big announcements first get revealed. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at these times for live Tweets of the biggest news!

Monday, June 4 Tuesday, June 5
Microsoft – 9:30 AM (Rundown)
Electronic Arts – 1:00 PM
Ubisoft – 3:00 PM
Sony – 6:00 PM (Rundown)
Nintendo – 9:00 AM (Rundown)
*all times are in Pacific Standard.

Latest EP @ E3 Posts

What’s New in TrackMania Turbo?
Marissa finds out how TrackMania Turbo is bringing the franchise into next-gen with creative director François Alaux.
Putting the Tomb Back in Tomb Raider
Unlike the last game, Rise of the Tomb Raider actually has a few tombs. Go figure. Scott catches up with game director Brian Horton to find out more about the new tombs, and the exploration elements of the game in general.
Getting Sweaty with Just Dance 2016
Marissa hits the dance floor with Ubisoft's Matthew Tomkinson to find out what new songs and gameplay features to expect in Just Dance 2016.
Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations Game Dev Interview
The Adventure Time franchise is getting its first fully 3D game with Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations. Marissa tracks down the game's producer Anthony Dickson to investigate more.
The Story Behind Mad Max: The Game
Jose catches up with the writer behind the new Mad Max game for a closer look at the story and gameplay, and how it relates to the recent movie Mad Max: Fury Road.
Mega Man Legacy Collection: What’s New?
All six of the classic 8-bit Mega Man games are making a comeback in the new Mega Man Legacy Collection. Marissa has a closer look with Capcom's Rey Jimenez.
What’s New in Blood Bowl 2?
Warhammer and fantasy football are coming together, again, in Blood Bowl 2. What's new this time around? Marissa finds out from lead designer Gauthier Brunet.
A Closer Look at Unravel
Marissa has a closer look at Unravel's story and lead character Yarny with creative director Martin Sahlin.
What to Expect from Sea of Thieves and Rare Replay
Scott tracks down Rare studio head Craig Duncan for a look at their all-new pirate game Sea of Thieves, and their compilation collection Rare Replay.
What to Expect from ReCore
The new Xbox One game ReCore from Keiji Inafune and developer Armature Studio has been shrouded in mystery. Scott gets new clues about the project from game director Mark Pacini.

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