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Once again E3 is almost upon us! Running from June 5-7, there will be new game demos, hardware reveals, and surprise announcements coming at us all next week. As usual, we at ElecPlay are doubling our efforts to give you the most important and up to date information as it happens on the show-floor. We have a lot of fun features planned for the time leading up to and during the show, so keep your homepage set to EP, and specifically this page as this is where you will find allof our E3-related content!

Keep up with all of the latest E3 Trailers here!

Here is the E3 conference schedule, where the big announcements first get revealed. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at these times for live Tweets of the biggest news!

Monday, June 4 Tuesday, June 5
Microsoft – 9:30 AM (Rundown)
Electronic Arts – 1:00 PM
Ubisoft – 3:00 PM
Sony – 6:00 PM (Rundown)
Nintendo – 9:00 AM (Rundown)
*all times are in Pacific Standard.

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