Sony E3 Media Briefing – LIVE

The seats are filling up. In just a few minutes, Sony will attempt to wow us with their line-up. We’re live at the E3 briefing!

Here we go. Sizzle real showing Sorcery, God of War and a bunch o’ games…

They’re showing a new controller for Move in the reel. Looks like a wheel attachment, similar to what Nintendo did with Mario Kart Wii.

Jack Tretton takes the stage… “This is the Super Bowl for those of us who live and die in the industry.”

He wants to begin by “paying tribute to the gamers.”

Kaz Hirai stands up to take a bow.


Group CEO Andy House stepping up to the stage

Completely new IP coming from Quantic Dream… Here’s David Cage.

It’s called “Beyond: Two Souls.”

Tells the story of a woman – Jody Holmes – over 15 years over her life. She feels connection to “what’s beyond.”

You are going to live her life over that time.

The actress playing Jody Holmes will be Ellen Page.

My God this facial animation is unbelievably good. The model looks exactly like Ellen Page.

Her character is being questioned by a cop, but she is remaining silent. She looks like she has been through hell.

She apparently has some kind of telekinetic powers.

“They’re coming.” SWAT Team storms the building.

Anyone else thinking Steven King’s Firestarter watching this?

It seems like some kind of spirit is following her around, protecting her.

“If you make the right decisions, maybe you will discover what lies beyond.” -David Cage


Here’s PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale

Six people coming on stage to play.

Will be available for Vita, and cross-compatible with PS3!

Two players on stage are playing on the Vita now.

Scott wants me to inform you all that he gave me gum. Thank you Scott. Mmm… Watermelon flavoured!

So far they’ve talked about the stuff we covered in our interview

They’re fighting on a God of War level… Hydra in the background, which can take out the fighters if you’re not careful.

Fat Princess wins the fight.

Two playable characters announced: Nathan Drake, Big Daddy from BioShock!


Jack Tretton back.

Cross controller DLC coming to PlayStation 3! You can use Vita as a controller, and you can also play multiplayer with it.

New story mode, stickers, etc.

200 games coming to PlayStation Network, including Unfinished Swan exclusive.

New free games coming to PlayStation Plus – Infamous 2, Saints Row 2, LittleBigPlanet 2. Available starting tomorrow.

PS One classics coming to Vita! Coming this summer!

Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified coming to Vita this holiday.

Crystal White Vita bundle for Assassin’s Creed III Liberation.

Features the first female assassin.


Here comes Assassin’s Creed 3!

“The revolution was not just fought on land… but sea.”

We see Connor aboard a ship, he’s the Captain. You have full control of navigation and cannons!

Naval battles look fun. We just saw ships get ripped apart at close range.

They’re boarding a British ship… and the demo ends. Tease.

New Assassins Creed III bundle with exclusive DLC to appear on launch date.


Far Cry 3, four player co-op!

One player is picking up and placing explosives while another covers

They’re storming a bridge in the jungle. Players yell at each other to clear bridge before explosives detonate

Map editor!

PS3 gamers get exclusive DLC


Jack Tretton now talking about PlayStation Move


Mirana Goshawk’s Book of Spells

New Harry Potter title

Uses the PlayStation Eye, so you can cast spells and the effects appear around you

Uh oh, an unlocking spell is not working… There we go. The hazards of live demos.

Our demonstrator is now casting Incendio spells to fry creatures.


PlayStation Suite coming to Android devices

HTC will be the first device to have PlayStation Certified games under this system

In fact, it’s no longer PlayStation Suite, it’s renamed to PlayStation Mobile.


God of War: Ascension!

Kratos has a time reversal/pausing ability

It’s great to see him stun huge foes, then pick them up and spin them around like a mace

Kratos appears to be fighting a Kraken

Nothing like stealing an enemy’s weapon for a particularly brutal finishing move

Now he’s fighting an elephant-headed monster. Wow, Babar has been working out.

Kratos just exposed an opponent’s brain.

Release Date: March 12, 2013


Jungle noises, nothing on screen… what are we revealing? The Last of Us from Naughty Dog

Man and a woman, travelling through a modern city, abandoned and covered with vegetation

They’re sneaking through an old hotel, avoid other humans

Stealth kill takes out one of them, now our hero is armed.

Villains reacted to him firing “He’s got a f***ing gun!”

Pretty visceral melee combat. You can also take hostages.

The girl distracted one of them, allowing you to take him down

Threw a molotov cocktail at them

Girl stabbed someone who had you pinned.

Jack Tretton is closing things out. “Never stop playing.”