Twitter Question of the Day

Twitter Question of the Day

Have you got a question for Vic or Scott? Get it answered on the show by either tweeting it to them @Victor_lucas and @ScottCJones or by leaving it in the comments section below.

Vic and Scott will choose the best and the lucky winners will get their question answered on the “Twitter Question of the Day” segment of the show.

This is an ongoing segment, so if you don’t see your question on today’s show maybe it will be on tomorrow’s show (or ask a different, more interesting question).

Twitter Questions Answered

Twitter Question: Biggest Trick Or Treat?
Which game has been the biggest Trick or Treat for us so far this year?
Twitter Question: Will We Share Vic?
Now that Vic is back, will Scott and Marissa have to share?
Twitter Question: Scott In Tights?
Will Scott be cosplaying as Bayonetta for Halloween?
Twitter Question: Too Much Marvel?
With all the Marvel and DC hitting TV and theaters, is it too much of a good thing?
Twitter Question: Weirdest Twitter Question?
What's the weirdest question we've been asked?
Twitter Question: Deserted Island Decisions
Who will Marissa eat first if she was on a deserted island, Vic or Scott?
Twitter Question: When will eSports be a “real sport”?
Vic states his view on the "real sport" issue.
Twitter Question: Next Special Edition Console?
Vic and Marissa request their next special edition console based on an upcoming game.
Movie-to-Game: Social Network or Argo?
We answer which movie should become a game: Social Network or Argo.
Twitter Question: First Online Gaming Purchase?
What were our first online purchases?