Twitter Question of the Day

Twitter Question of the Day

Have you got a question for Vic or Scott? Get it answered on the show by either tweeting it to them @Victor_lucas and @ScottCJones or by leaving it in the comments section below.

Vic and Scott will choose the best and the lucky winners will get their question answered on the “Twitter Question of the Day” segment of the show.

This is an ongoing segment, so if you don’t see your question on today’s show maybe it will be on tomorrow’s show (or ask a different, more interesting question).

Twitter Questions Answered

Twitter Question: How Hard is it to Keep a Secret?
How hard is it to keep embargoes on things you love?
Twitter Question: Are Console Exclusives Good or Bad?
Victor and Marissa give their thoughts on console exclusive games.
Twitter Question: Favorite Robin Williams Movie?
What are Vic and Marissa's favorite Robin Williams movies?
Twitter Question: Did Marissa Bring Back Treats?
What goodies did Marissa bring back from Italy?
Twitter Question: Will Studio Closures Hurt The Industry?
Are studio closures damaging, or necessary?
Twitter Question: Evil Marissa!
Can Marissa please be more evil when reviewing games?
Twitter Question: Can Nintendo Catch Up?
Can the Wii U catch up to PS4 and Xbox One in sales?
Twitter Question: Vancouver In The MLB?
Should Vancouver and Montreal be in the MLB?
Twitter Question: Where’s Scott?
Where is Scott C. Jones, dag nabbit?!