Dragon’s Dogma Developer Diary 2

Capcom has released a new developer diary for Dragon’s Dogma, cleverly titled a “Game of Pawns.”

Pawns are basically your allies in the game. You can have up to three with you at any one time, and each fills a different role in your party. You can completely customize them, exactly the same as you can your main character, and each has his or her own backstory for you to discover. There are special rune stones in dungeons and scattered around the world that allow you to summon a new ally instantly to your side.

These Pawns are badly needed if you plan on surviving all the things the game will throw at you. Sure, you can take on that big huge monster all by yourself if you think you’re strong enough. But trust us, you’ll soon be crying for help. Pawns also have special set piece moves you can pull off with them, such as them grabbing an enemy for your to finish off, or boosting you into the air to grab flying monsters.

In most games companions are simply an annoyance that you carry around like a lead weight, however in Dragon’s Dogma they are the difference between life and death. Ignore them at your peril.

As reported by: EGM

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