E3 2012: Hideo Kojima Talks About Zone Of The Enders HD

During the Konami pre-E3 showcase, Hideo Kojima spoke briefly about the development process required to complete Zone of the Enders HD Collection. Along with the production footage, Konami also debuted an all-new animated opening for the re-release, produced by famed anime studio Sunrise.

In particular, it’s interesting to note that Zone of the Enders‘ move to a high-resolution format outright requires a lot of digital editing, such as remastering the 2D animation clips in Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. Even the decals on the robots had to be completely retouched, as the higher resolution allowed their models to show a lot more detail than before.

Check out both videos below, straight from Konami’s YouTube page, to get a closer look at the goods. Be a little wary of the animated intro, though?it gets a little risqué at the 2:59 mark.

As reported by: EGM

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