E3 2012: The Last Of Us Gameplay Trailer Is Simply Smashing

Sony showed off some extended gameplay of The Last of Us at the E3 2102 press conference, following main characters Ellie and Joel as they fight their way through a building full of the Infected.

Everything from the combat to the item interface was shown on full display, with Joel using revolvers, Molotov cocktails, and a stolen shotgun to pick apart a group of enemies. Ellie wasn’t controlled by another player, with the computer taking over as she followed Joel and stayed out of harm’s way?although during a scene that surely would have led to a “game over,” Ellie stepped in with her own attack, stabbing an Infected in the back.

Stealth obviously plays a huge role in the gameplay. Since Joel’s no superhuman, any area seems to pose the challenge of how to take down enemies one by one, or all in a fell swoop.

See the trailer below to get the full experience, and stay for more EGMNow coverage.

As reported by: EGM

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