James Cameron Gives His Take on Terminator 5

Before directing Avatar or exploring the bottom of the ocean, James Cameron created a little science-fiction franchise called Terminator. He wrote and directed the first two films in the series, but had nothing to do with the much-maligned third and fourth instalments.

Now, a fifth Terminator movie is the early stages of development, and Cameron is offering his opinion of what should be done with the project. Speaking with MTV, he says that Terminator 5 should focus more heavily on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 cyborg, who has never been the central character in any of the films. Cameron thinks there are plenty of great stories that could be told about the killer robot, and he’s even encouraged Arnold to push to get them into the film.

James Cameron is not officially involved in Terminator 5, and it remains to be seen if the film will ever happen. Fast Five director Justin Lin was attached to helm, but dropped out to instead direct the sixth Fast movie.

Source: MTV

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