June 21 – Rundown – Breaking Bad Movie, Monsters University

Briana has early details on a Breaking Bad movie, the first look at Monsters University, and more in the Rundown.


– One of the best TV shows currently on air right now, Breaking Bad, may be getting a film adaptation. The series is currently heading into the first half of its final season (the second half will air next year), and creator Vince Gilligan says he will still have plenty of stories to tell about the character of Walter White. Gilligan also mentioned that the final season may not be enough to tie up every single loose end. Star bryan Cranston said he would love to come back for more episodes or a film should the opportunity arise, though nothing is official. We will keep you posted on further details, but until then you can catch the fifth season premiere in July. Seriously, watch it. It’s amazing.

– 1968 cult film Barbarella is being adapted into a TV series. The original film starred Jane Fonda as a space explorer on a mission to save Earth, with plenty of skimpy outfits and sexual innuendo to go around. In a random twist, the series is being produced by Nicolas Winding Refn, director of last year’s amazing film Drive. We will post details as they come up.

– Looks like the villain in How to Train Your Dragon 2 is gonna be a real bastard. Kit Harington, who plays bastard son Jon Snow in Game of Thrones has been recruited to voice the bad guy in the upcoming Dreamworks sequel. The film is slated to hit in 2014, but you can catch Harington this October in the upcoming horror film Silent Hill: Revelation.

– Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal has joined the cast of The Wolf of Wall Street, the next film from Martin Scorsese. The movie focuses on the rise and fall of a corrupt stockbroker played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bernthal will play his drug dealer and money launderer. The film will release next year.


Family Guy Online has a new resident. Ted, the title character of Seth macFarlane’s upcoming comedy, has been spotted throughout Quahog in the online game, awarding players extra points if found. Ted the movie will hit theaters next week.

– PS2 classic Okami is getting a fresh coat of paint. The game will be released in HD on the Playstation Network this fall, and will have Playstation Move support as well. A remake has already hit the Nintendo Wii a few years ago, so there should be little excuse for you to have not played this gem.

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