Lost Planet Spin-Off EX Troopers Announced

Capcom has released a debut trailer for the recently announced Lost Planet spin-off, EX Troopers, coming to 3DS and PlayStation 3.

Here’s the lowdown: the game is a third-person shooter headed up by Monster Hunter producer Shintaro Kojima, it has anime inspired visuals and the backstory is a battle between the snow pirates and Akrid. EX Troopers follows the new-guy system, that anime loves to use, where you control a new recruit who knows pretty much nothing. Kojima has stated that the game is designed to ease beginners into the third-person shooter genre.

If the aim was to garner more respect for the Lost Planet franchise then they have failed miserably, however if it was to make it a source for bullying by other franchises then they certainly succeeded there. We imagine Gears of War beating it up for its lunch money and then giving it a swirly.

So are you interested or horrified?

As reported by: EGM

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