New Dexter Game Coming to iOS, Android, and PC

Fans of the bloody Showtime series Dexter will be happy to know that a new game is coming to iOS and Android devices, along with the PC. It’s known as Dexter The Game 2, and is a sequel to the original Dexter game released back in 2009.

This time around, players will have an open world to prowl around in, and you’ll be able to investigate crime scenes to find clues that will help you track down your next victims. Since it’s an open world, players will be able to decide for themselves which bad guys to go after. The game makers also promise that foes will be generated randomly, so you and your dark passenger will never run out of new bad guys to hunt.

Dexter star Michael C. Hall and the rest of the main cast are providing their vocal talents to the game, and the show’s producers are closely involved in the development process.

Dexter The Game 2 is scheduled to launch this fall, around the same time that the seventh season of the show will hit the airwaves on September 30.