EVE Online Inferno Expansion Details

On May 22nd, the world of EVE Online will be set ablaze by the game’s 17th free expansion, Inferno.

According to the official EVE Online website, Inferno “invites new players with a lower barrier to entry, empowers veterans with more control over their wars, and entices combatants of all types with advanced new weaponry. Inferno then wraps it all in upgraded graphics, creating a visually stunning experience unlike any other online game.”

EVE Online has always fascinated me, stories I hear about the game and the nearly unbelievable things that can (and do) happen within its world often provide more excitement and adventure than the latest offerings from Hollywood. Thing thing is, I’m way too intimidated to play it. Hearing about sabotage, station raids, political infighting, 14,000 ship armadas, piracy, and whatever else, I feel like the moment I stepped into the game somebody would come along, kidnap me, and sell my character into slavery.

Of course, that’s probably not how things would go, but my experience so far with EVE Online has been limited to fascinated curiosity. So, as I can’t speak as an expert when it comes to everything Inferno will be bringing to the game (now in its ninth year), I’m going to let the information from the official website do the talking:

Missiles and Launchers

There is no feeling like launching five kilotons of explosives from your ship, watching it travel the distance to its target, and witnessing the blinding impact that destroys your enemy. Inferno brings that feeling to a whole new level with Missiles and Launchers. Missile enthusiasts can now join the other combatants and indulge in every wonderful visual moment leading to that final killing blow. Launchers are now visible for you to enjoy and your enemy to fear. Missiles now look, travel, and explode the way you expect: with immense impact and satisfying results.

Graphics Update

You want a breathtaking, immersive universe to play in. Since its release, EVE Online has been on the cutting edge of technology, delivering the highest fidelity visuals in online gaming. Inferno honors that commitment, upgrading the appearance of a range of content, including most of the Amarr faction’s fleet. Now, with improved system requirements, even more players will be able to enjoy the breathtaking nebulae, shimmering wormholes, and majestic ships of EVE Online in all their glory.

War Declaration System

You wage wars spanning hundreds of conflicts and thousands of participants. Inferno improves your ability to manage these epic clashes with a timeline view showing the course of battle, and a new War Report that details your tactical achievements for all to see. Feeling bold, Set a “surrender amount” on the declaration of war and allow adversaries the option of keeping their ships intact, while feeling somewhat poorer.

Kill Reports

Victory in combat is an accomplishment worth remembering. Kill Reports put those memories in a concise, in-game format that allows you to look back on your past battlefield achievements. A streamlined presentation lets you see all the important top-level information at a glance, and the interactive design provides clickable access to the deeper details of each triumphant moment in your history.

Mercenary Marketplace

After you’ve cut your teeth in Factional Warfare or solo combat, it’s time to step into the shadows. Build a reputation together with your friends as the best mercenary crew in the universe. Have an axe to grind with someone? Now you can pick and choose the best group to deliver your revenge. The Mercenary Marketplace matches desire with ability, and reputation with wealth and fame. Become feared and adored among hundreds of thousands of players in one EVE Universe!

Factional Warfare

Factional Warfare is the PVP training ground for new players, where the hatred between the races of EVE fuels an Inferno. But conquering space at your enemies’ expense is just the beginning. Fight for your faction to earn loyalty points, then spend them to increase the value of those hard-won star systems, all in a new and more intuitive user interface.


EVE Online is a game driven by its players, allowing niches to be formed solely through the creativity of gamers. Our game designers embrace this and have now taken it further, with 16 new modules making the preparation phase of EVE even more dynamic. Every ship fit has a potential counter-fit.

Now more than ever, espionage, subterfuge, and knowledge are the tools that, coupled with skill, will lead to victory. Surprise your enemies and impress your allies with a surprise gambit at the right moment, or by predicting the opening of a manufacturing niche and cornering it before your competition knows what hit them.

Character Creator

Having a unique identity is critical when defining your presence in the largest persistent world in gaming, which is why we created the genre’s most advanced Character Creator. Inferno provides players with even more customization options, allowing you to create an avatar as unique as you are.

Unified Inventory

You have hangars of ships at your disposal and wealth that spans the galaxy. Unified Inventory gives you convenient access to all of it. Searching for your favorite ship is now easier. Assessing your stockpiles, more convenient. Admiring the fruits of your labors, more rewarding.


Gathering your team to fight the epic boss monster is a fun part of group play in online gaming. In EVE Online, that epic boss takes the form of a hostile fleet of cyborg ships that invades entire constellations of known space. Incursions are a popular part of gameplay, and Inferno enhances the experience, bringing the rewards in line with the challenge and risk of the encounter.

Effects Bar

We’ve made notification of attacks and effects on your ship more prominent, so that you can better react to your enemy’s tactics. The Effects Bar shows what’s happening to your ship at any moment, and provides the dynamic information you need to react quickly.


Miners, industrialists, and merchants gain a market ripe for both frenzy and fortune in Inferno. Players old and new will have fresh opportunities to carve out their niche thanks to changes in resource availability and rewards from kills. Inferno makes playing the market more enticing for the veteran and more accessible for those just starting.

More UI Enhancements

When you have a fleet of pirate ships bearing down on you, the last thing you want to be fighting is your user interface (UI). Over the past few expansions, several hundred upgrades have been made to improve and enhance the game UI for greater usability and player enjoyment.

As reported by: EGM

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