Sniper aiming fixes, Support class options, M320 refill speed changes, other future updates for Battlefield 3

It’s that time again?another round of information on upcoming Battlefield 3 updates from DICE’s Alan Kertz.

Here’s what Kertz had to say in regards to the following questions:

When asked if sniper rifles would be getting a fix in terms of their red dont/holo inaccuracy when trying to aim down sights: “Indeed”

When asked if the game could get an RPG rocket that fired at real-life speed but with realist inaccuracy: “Generally I try to stay away from inaccuracy as a balance mechanic.”

When asked if there is any chance of the Support class getting Heavy Barrel option like in the beta: “Maybe on the clip based weapons. It would be an interesting choice for them.”

When a BF3 fan said that he loved the .44 Magnum, but ‘don’t you think 5 hit kill at range is a little much. It has 6 rounds.': “We agree, you and I.”

When asked if DICE is really thinking about nerving the javelin: “Wut? Against choppers a bit maybe.”

When a player says that they think the M320 should be removed, or that players shouldn’t be able to refill ammo for them (due to, in the player’s words, a ‘whole team using only M320′s is just annoying’): “The refill speed on them is too fast, will update.”

Also on the M320, when asked if it is near the top for most kills stats-wise: “No where close.”

When asked if an Underslung Rail on the L85 would be possible: “The L85 rail requires a substantial increase in hand guard length. Its not a prio for me at the moment.”

When asked if tracer darts might be brought from Bad Company 2 to Battlefield 3: “No tracer darts, the SOFLAM fills that role.”

As reported by: EGM