TERA Trailer Takes a Closer Look at Combat

En Masse and Frogster have celebrated the release of TERA by offering us a brand new trailer.

This latest video takes a closer look at the game’s action based combat, which basically means that tab targeting, an MMO staple, is out of the window. This new system relies on accurately aiming blows and dodging. While the system makes a refreshing change, it does limit the game. It certainly favors melee classes over ranged, since targets are much harder to hit when you constantly have to track them, and the range limit is far too close to enemies to make it viable.

Having spent some time with the beta we found the system fun for a little while, but you find yourself button mashing for far too long. This quickly becomes boring and if you can’t get on with the combat, then you may as well forget about the entire game. Some people will love the change other’s won’t, it’s that simple. Which side you fall on determines whether this game’s for you.

As reported by: EGM

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