Electronic Arts E3 Media Briefing LIVE

The Electronic Arts media briefing is about to begin! I am live blogging for as long as my power and Internet connection holds!

John Riccitiello is now on stage. They have 10 developers here to demo 10 games.

Visceral Studios new Dead Space! “They found the source.” Dead Space 3

Cool, Isaac Clarke is walking around outside on a snowily planet.

New character, drop in, drop out co-op play.

Doing a live co-op demo from act 2

They are fighting a gigantic drill. There is a new f***** up necromorph that looks like legs and stomach with tentacles. I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

Looks like you have access to more military style weapons.

Now they are fighting a gigantic necromorph, some kind of tunnelling insect-like creature. Anyone else getting a Lost Planet vibe?

Oh man, I think there is a level inside a necromorph. We just saw someone get ingested.

Coming February 2013


Cam Weber, GM American Football, new Madden

New Infinity engine considers mass, speed and body of player when showing the outcome of plays

No more predetermined tackles. It’s all dynamic and fully under the player’s control until the player hits the turf

New Career sharing

Michael Irvine on stage.

Connected Careers

You gain experience from playing, and can use it to improve your abilities.

You can retire a player, create a new player, and then continue the league you started.

There’s a virtual twitter feed that gives you feedback on how your player is doing.


Lucy Bradshaw, GM of Maxis

SimCity Social is coming to Facebook.

New SimCity PC game has a great level of city detail

Will support multiplayer. Play with friends, or take on other cities

Your actions effect the lives of sims in your City, and in other cities

The disasters look darkly hilarious. Sims running around on fire

Coming February 2013


John R – Games are changing to a thing you buy to a place you go.

Patrick Bach, Peter Moore talking about Battlefield 3

1.6 trillion bullets have been fired in Battlefield 3 to date

Battlefield 3 Premium

Gives you access to advance items, features

New maps

Two weeks early access to expansions

Five new expansions coming, armored Kill Expansion – all vehicle combat

Now available today for $43.99 on PlayStation

PC and Xbox version to follow next week


Ray Muzyka on stage to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic

Adding new PVP war zones

New companionsm HK 51 assassin droid

New Nightmare difficulty mode

New planet – Makeb – with adventures around the Hutt Cartel

This July, everyone can play up to level 15 for free


Medal of Honor Warfighter

Greg Goodrich on stage

“We’re going global.”

Every single mission has a dotted line to a real world event or hotspot

Mission in Somalia to raid pirate enclave

Infiltrating a shot up town, moving from beach into buildings

Use a laser spotter to paint targets

You have an option wheel for entering rooms, what method and weapon you will use to breach

They’re using a wheeled drone to scout out ruins and kill opposition

GLOBAL WARFIGHTERS – uses 12 different countries’ elite soldiers, GROM, SEAL, Spetsnaz, SAS, SFOD-D


Andrew Wilson from EA Sports now on stage

Wants to connect every game you play on every device you play

Madden Social launches fall

Matt Bilby – FIFA

Football Club has 11 million members

FIFA 12 players will take their stats into FIFA 13

You can earn currency within the game to purchase items through Football Club

iPad, iPhone, Android FIFA will be connected to Football Club

Messi will be on the cover of FIFA 13

New dribble moves


New UFC game

President of UFC Dana White

They now have a multiyear multi game deal with EA


Need for Speed – Most Wanted

Matt Webster, Exec Producer with Criterion

An open world driving game

Awesome slow motion bumps into cop cars

Race checkpoints appear as beacons in the game world


Sorry, lost power for Crysis 3! Anyway, it looks really damn sweet, and it’s coming February 2013!